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Hello , and welcome to the latest edition of Protection Adviser

Summer has , since our last edition , come and gone , and for our rural communities that means a lot of hard work at a time when everyone else Is focusing on sun , sea and relaxation . It can ’ t be easy having to put the hardest graft in at a time when everyone else is foot-loose and fancy free , but at least once the harvest is in , there ’ s the relief at it all being over , and the satisfaction of a job well done . For a moment , that is , until you have to start thinking about what you ’ ll need to plant for next years ’ harvest …
Since our last edition we ’ ve also been through an intense period for protection advisers , both in terms of new regulation to learn and adapt to , and a difficult economic climate that we just don ’ t seem to be able to shake off . Which is why , just like those farmers , whilst we should absolutely spend some time to bask in the glow of hard work done well , we need to keep looking forwards to what seeds we can plant now to make for a quality crop later down the line .
To that end , Emma Vaughan kicks off this issue with an overview of the current protection landscape before handing over to our newest Quality Manager , Kelly Phillips , to look at how working to improve the quality of advice given is also healthy for the bottom line .
Continuing the theme of making small changes for a big benefit , we speak to mortgage and protection adviser , Amanda Ormond , about her strong belief that , with a few small changes to ourselves , we can make advice more available – more accessible and appealing – to everyone .
We then carry on the theme of accessibility into the digital realm , with a look at how technology can help us to reach more people , use better data and personalise protection more efficiently for better customer outcomes .
We hope you will get many positives from this edition and that it will help you look forwards to a busy , but productive , end to the year .
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